14 Dec 2020

On this week’s Majlis Podcast broadcast by RFE/RL, RFE/RL Media-Relations Manager Muhammad Tahir moderates a discussion that looks at changes in Uzbekistan since President Mirziyoyev came to power.

The podcast features from Tashkent, Dilmira Matyaubowa, Co-Director of UzInvestigations and research fellow at the U.K.-based Foreign Policy Center; also currently in Uzbekistan, Steve Swerdlow, an associate professor of human rights practice at the University of Southern California and veteran Central Asia watcher; from Washington, D.C., Keely Bakken, a Central Asia analyst at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom; and Bruce Pannier, the author of the Qishloq Ovozi blog.

The UK’s Foreign Policy Centre also recently took stock of the current political and social situation in Uzbekistan at a webinar convened on 4 December. Speakers included Professor Kristian Lasslett (University of Ulster & Co-Director of UzInvestigations), Dilmurad Yusupov (University of Sussex), Dilfuza Kurolova (Human Rights Lawyer), Adam Hug (Director of the Foreign Policy Centre), and chair: Baroness Suttie (Vice-Chair All-Party Parliamentary Group on Uzbekistan).